Ex Transgender testimony
Becket Cook’s Testimony of leaving Hollywood and homosexuality.
Can you be a gay Christian?
Jeffrey McCall – from Transgender to Transformed!
Laura Perry – Transgender to Transformed!
Matthew Grech – Ex gay Testimony
Kylie Delia – former lesbian
MJ Nixon, Joshua Buchanan and Edward Byrd share of leaving the LGBTQ community.
MJ Nixon sharing her story of freedom out of lesbianism.
Ex LGBTQs sing to Jesus.
Ex LGBTQs raise a Hallelujah!!!
Angel Colon – Pulse Nightclub survivor
Luis Javier Ruiz – Pulse Night Club survivor.
Bethany Stinnett raps about Jesus setting her free from transgender.
Brooke sharing
Ieacha’s testimony of leaving lesbianism.

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